Preacher: If You Have Sex Before Marriage, You’ll Cheat During Marriage April 25, 2021

Preacher: If You Have Sex Before Marriage, You’ll Cheat During Marriage

During a conversation Thursday with Pastor Rob McCoy, his guest, preacher Gabriel Finochio, claimed that remaining celibate before marriage was vital because anyone — anyone! — who had sex before marriage couldn’t possibly remaining faithful during marriage.

FINOCHIO: There are three types of chastity. There’s… single chastity, which is being a single person and abstaining from sex. But then there’s also marital chastity, where you abstain from having sex with people outside of marriage.

And I’ll just say this: that if you don’t practice chastity before marriage, you won’t have chastity after marriage. The men who are profligate, who are philanderers, before marriage — the men who are the playboys, living by the playboy philosophy — they are playboys after marriage…

MCCOY: Unless they’re a new creature in Christ.

Citation needed.

There’s absolutely no reason to trust these men and so many reasons to actively reject what they’re saying. Remaining a virgin before marriage doesn’t mean you’ll be faithful when you’re married. Having sex before marriage doesn’t mean you won’t be faithful in a marriage. Being Christian doesn’t change any of that.

Maybe if these men ever spoke to all those Christians who condemned “purity culture” and abstinence-only sex education, they would understand why their comments aren’t just ignorant, they’re harmful. But listening to other people seems outside their capabilities.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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