Pastor: I Pray That God Stops Biden from Passing Voting Rights or Court Reform April 24, 2021

Pastor: I Pray That God Stops Biden from Passing Voting Rights or Court Reform

Some pastors pray for the poor. Some pray for world peace. Some pray for healing.

Pastor Mario Bramnick is praying for this administration. Specifically, he’s praying that God keeps the filibuster in place so that Democrats can’t pass voting rights or expand the courts. (Just like Jesus demanded.)

He made the remarks during an online prayer call for the World Prayer Network:

“Father, we decree and declare in united prayer tonight that you shake the Congress, that you shake the Senate,” Bramnick prayed. “In the name of Jesus, we declare H.R. 1, H.R. 5, court-packing, trying to get rid of the filibuster shall not come about. Father, as all the scheming and plotting against the Lord and his anointed one, you sit in the Heavens and laugh today and we laugh with you.”

Somehow, I imagine Bramnick would be the first to complain if liberal pastors ever openly prayed to block the Trump administration’s agenda…

The irony is that Joe Biden, as we well know, is Catholic. He may be pro-choice and supportive of LGBTQ rights, deviating from the Catholic Church, but it’s not uncommon among Catholics to be against it morally/personally while approving it at a federal level. A different religious person could argue that Biden is, in fact, accomplishing godly things during his administration, whether it’s crushing COVID, passing pandemic relief, or raising the cap for more refugees.

But leave it to a right-wing pastor to try and round up God’s powers… all to promote his personal political agenda instead of anything designed to help those who need it the most.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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