Pastor: Biden Isn’t Really President Since Trump Has God’s “Mantle of Anointing” April 19, 2021

Pastor: Biden Isn’t Really President Since Trump Has God’s “Mantle of Anointing”

Late last year, Pastor Todd Coconato, a Christian member of the MAGA cult who routinely interviews the kind of evangelicals who surround Donald Trump, claimed that atheists would convert to Christianity after God helped overturn the election results.

That never panned out. Yet he continued to pretend Trump won in a “landslide.”

He’s still playing this game, spreading lies to his Christian followers. His latest way to reconcile his delusion with reality is to say Joe Biden isn’t actually the president because God’s “anointing” remains with Trump. Whatever that means.

“When I prayed about if we’d ever see President Trump as our president again, God just reminded me that he’s the one that chooses the leadership, not us,” Coconato continued. “He allows certain things to happen, but he also responds to the prayers of the righteous. And what he was telling me is that just like David — and I think I said this in a past livestream — but just like David, President Trump has the mantle of leadership, has the anointing of leadership.”

“That’s why it’s kind of confusing to saints that are looking, and they’re wondering what’s going on,” he continued. “Because they see Joe Biden and they’re like, ‘This guy doesn’t seem like he’s authentic, like he’s real; is he really the president?’ And I said, ‘God, why are so many people questioning if Joe Biden is the president? I mean, clearly this guy is the president of the United States. Are we to doubt that? Are we not to believe that?’ And God said, ‘It’s about the mantle, the mantle of anointing, which is on President Trump, not Biden.’

Coconato finally realized his old denials about the election results are less and less believable — so he did what preachers always do: He’s now saying God is secretly on Trump’s side, a claim that can’t be refuted because it lies entirely in the spiritual realm.

The good news is that God can be on Trump’s side all He wants in Imaginary Jesus World. In the real world, Biden won the election and we’re all better off because of that.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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