Podcast Ep. 370: The Bible is Just a Collection of Florida Man Stories April 17, 2021

Podcast Ep. 370: The Bible is Just a Collection of Florida Man Stories

In our latest podcast, Jessica and I discussed the past week in politics and atheism.

We talked about:

Jerry Falwell, Jr. just got sued by Liberty University. (0:59)

— The problems with Richard Dawkinscomments about trans people. (7:23)

— A West Virginia lawmaker sank a sensible life-saving suicide prevention bill by blaming the teaching of evolution. (24:56)

— The Bible makes way more sense as a series of Florida Man stories. (32:39)

— The Melania-loving misogynistic pastor is back. (33:59)

— I think this pastor just threatened me. (43:33)

— A Polish town that declared itself “free of LGBT” now wants to take it back. (45:00)

— The Mormon Church is on the verge of excommunicating a sex therapist who puts science over dogma. (48:12)

— An atheist is suing L’Oreal for being subject to offensive slurs and proselytizing at work. (54:12)

— The MyPillow guy’s new free speech app restricts anti-Christian speech. (57:26)

— Iowa’s GOP governor used her position to raise over $30,000 for a private Christian school. (1:02:13)

— Secular Democrats outnumber White Evangelical Republicans. (1:04:51)

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