MyPillow Guy: My New Free Speech App Won’t Let Users Take “God’s Name in Vain” April 14, 2021

MyPillow Guy: My New Free Speech App Won’t Let Users Take “God’s Name in Vain”

For several weeks now, disgraced right-wing conspiracy nutjob and MyPillow founder Mike Lindell has been promoting his upcoming alternative to Twitter. He says social media sites like Twitter are biased against conservatives (which is not true), and his version will be way better, and put companies like Twitter and YouTube out of business.

The big selling point for his attempted Twitter clone — seriously called Frank — is that it’s all about free speech.

But during an interview with evangelical sucker-puncher Eric Metaxas, Lindell said there were actually limitations on what could be discussed on his platform. (He also says that on the video on the welcome page for his new website.)

For example, no one would be allowed to be mean to his personal superstitions.

“People asked me, ‘You’re going to let everything go? Porn? Swearing? Everything?’ And I said, ‘Absolutely not,’” Lindell said. “We have a thing we found in the Constitution and our founding fathers that defines what free speech is. And Eric, get this, this Judeo-Christian platform we’re going to have here, they go by biblical principles — you know, you get to the Supreme Court, you have the 10 Commandments there — so, in other words, you’re not going to have porn up there, you’re not going to have these sites that contain material that go against our Constitution, go against what our founding fathers put in there.”

“You’re not going to be able to swear,” Lindell added. “There will be four words for sure you can’t say: You can’t say the C-word, the N-word, the F-word, and you can’t use God’s name in vain. What a concept. Right?”

“Wow,” Metaxas responded. “That’s really puritanical. I like it.”

Lindell went on to say that violations of the Ninth Commandment — against bearing false witness — would also be prohibited…

“… Another thing you can’t do [is] what we define in there is totally defame someone. What’s the Ninth Commandment? I can’t even think now, but in the Ninth Commandment, you’re bearing false witness, I believe it is. So, if you’re putting a complete lie against Eric; if I say, ‘Eric Metaxas did something terrible’ and it’s an out and out lie, that’s not free speech. That is not free speech.

It’s hard to believe lying about others would be banned when Lindell and Metaxas and other right-wing Christians have spent years lying about LGBTQ people, Joe Biden‘s motives and mental fitness, all things Hunter Biden, the COVID crisis, and damn near everything else. Lying is their love language.

The hypocrisy is laughable. It’s also unsustainable. The reason Lindell’s platform won’t work is because conservative trolls like him don’t actually want to speak to each other. Hell, no one wants to talk to them. They only exist on social media to irritate liberals, not to spread their ideas, because they don’t have ideas. By creating a safe space for conservatives, that most liberals would never want anything to do with, Lindell is depriving his own consumer base of the only thing they really want.

But it sure will be fun to watch the entire project implode while the users remain unable to say the F-word.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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