Death Cult Pastor: One Day We’ll Answer to God… “Even You, Friendly Atheist!” April 13, 2021

Death Cult Pastor: One Day We’ll Answer to God… “Even You, Friendly Atheist!”

Pastor Greg Fairrington of Destiny Church in Rocklin, California is a death cult leader. He’s blamed church closures on “liberal crazies and Satan” instead of COVID. After multiple churchgoers allegedly tested positive for COVID, he celebrated by saying “the favor of God is on this house!” His wife says face masks are meant to “shut the mouth of Christians.”

And whenever we’ve criticized it, he’s never really responded.

But over the weekend, it finally happened: He low-key threatened me (or a more generic “friendly atheist,” I suppose) with some Christian revenge.

… Do not let the visuals of this corrupt culture destroy your faith, Christian. Because God sits on the throne of His Holiness, and I need to remind you this morning: Not all of God’s accounts are settled on this Earth. He keeps all records of wrong, and one day, we will all stand in front of His holy throne and give an account.

Even you, Friendly Atheist! One day, even though you don’t believe in God, will stand in front of the God that you don’t believe in, and you will have to give an account!

There’s nothing less scary than a pastor trying to frighten an atheist with a Hell that doesn’t exist.

But even if anything he said was true — which it’s not — it would be nice if we could all patiently wait until Judgment Day to figure out who’s right or wrong. If it turns out I’m wrong, well, my bad. I guess he showed me.

The problem is that Fairrington is so eager to get to the afterlife, he’s dragging everyone to the end of this life. I’m doing more to protect his congregation’s health than he is. And unlike him, I don’t even need to threaten anyone along the way.

(via Christian Nightmares)

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