GOP Conspiracist Lawmaker: Christians Are “Taking Ground in the Spirit Realm” April 8, 2021

GOP Conspiracist Lawmaker: Christians Are “Taking Ground in the Spirit Realm”

Republican gun-obsessed Rep. Lauren Boebert appeared on The Victory Channel’s “Flashpoint” show Tuesday night ad delivered a message to fellow Christians.

It had very little to do with Jesus.

… I would want to encourage everybody to say, “Don’t be distracted by what you are seeing in the natural.” There is certainly things that are going on in the unseen, that God is doing. God is working. He is always moving…

I believe that we are taking ground in the spirit realm. And we will see that come to light. It has to take place there before we actually see it here in the natural. And God has a great plan for America…

Why can’t nuts like this ever run for Congress in the supernatural realm instead of infesting the natural one with their lunacy…?

Boebert has no evidence for these claims. She’s not looking for any. But that shouldn’t surprise us; she had no evidence of a rigged election either, yet she pushed that lie as well. Her entire career is about performative grievance, not offering substance. And as so many former pastors could tell you, if you can play the part of a believer — using the right rhetoric and cadence — you can convince white evangelicals of damn near anything.

They’re never going to challenge a voice of authority when that voice claims to have a direct line to God and represents the Republican Party.

(via Christian Nightmares)

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