Franklin Graham: God Sent a Super Moon to Free the Boat from the Suez Canal April 1, 2021

Franklin Graham: God Sent a Super Moon to Free the Boat from the Suez Canal

Evangelist Franklin Graham upset his followers last week when he urged them to get vaccinated, so I guess he’s trying to win them back over by saying the dumbest possible things.

This time, he’s giving God credit for freeing the Ever Given from the Suez Canal:

Did God lend a hand in freeing the Ever Given? After a week of blocking trade, on Monday a higher than normal tide brought on by an old-fashioned Super Moon helped to free the massive container ship. I read that this ship is 20x heavier than the Eiffel Tower! Now the backup of 300 cargo ships can resume passing through the Suez Canal. Thank you God.

I know this is Atheism 101 here, but it’s telling that Graham credits God with freeing the boat while never blaming God for the boat getting stuck in the first place. Egypt lost an estimated $90 million in toll revenue. $10 billion worth of cargo was delayed, and in some cases (like food), that’s just going to waste.

But Graham thinks God sent a Super Moon — one which we knew would occur well in advance of the incident due to science — to unclog the canal instead of just preventing the boat from causing chaos.

If Graham’s God gets credit for the recovery, the Graham’s church ought to pay some of the costs associated with the boat getting stuck.

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