Messianic Rabbi Urges Christians to Celebrate Passover to Honor Jesus March 31, 2021

Messianic Rabbi Urges Christians to Celebrate Passover to Honor Jesus

Messianic “Rabbi” Curt Landry, who said last October that God would curse you for voting for Joe Biden and then said in November that God would never let Biden win because that would make guys like him look dumb, now has some advice for Christians: You should partake in Passover as part of your annual Easter celebration.

This Sunday marks the biggest day of the year for Christians — Easter. However, Rabbi Curt Landry says believers would reap tremendous kingdom benefits for celebrating Passover — which began last Saturday and ends on April 4 — also known as Resurrection Sunday.

By observing Passover this week, Landry says Christians can come to partake in God’s four cups — sanctification, the plague offering, redemption and praise.

“There are four cups in Passover, and I want to talk to you about patterns because patterns are what brings you peace,” Landry told Dr. Steve Greene on a recent episode of Greenelines on the Charisma Podcast Network. “The first cup is sanctification, and that means that you’re being separated from the cause and effect of your sin. That was the cup Jesus was drinking when He said, ‘drink this cup in remembrance of me.’ … All of these patterns are really interesting to build peace and trust in the hope and love in people’s lives…”

The audience for Charisma probably doesn’t want to hear this, but if they long for ritual and liturgy this much, they’re better off visiting a Catholic church. There’s no need to steal from someone else’s tradition — and that’s what this amounts to: Taking a tradition from the Jewish faith while simultaneously looking down upon Jewish people for their beliefs.

What’s more, historians and Bible scholars have reason to believe that Jesus didn’t even celebrate the Passover seder — at least, in not in the modern form that Jews do today.

Many Christians seek to connect with the Jewish roots of their faith, which is commendable. But it’s hardly respectful of the Jewish faith that Christians claim to love so much when they ignore criticism from Jews claiming that this appropriation is harmful and offensive.

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