Cruz: The Left Rejects Post-Massacre Thoughts and Prayers Because They Hate God March 24, 2021

Cruz: The Left Rejects Post-Massacre Thoughts and Prayers Because They Hate God

During an appearance with Sean Hannity last night, Sen. Ted Cruz used the opportunity to say absolutely nothing about gun safety while trashing people who criticize him for saying absolutely nothing about gun safety. (It echoed what he said in a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing earlier in the day.)

… the modern-day Left is more and more extreme. They have this bizarre antipathy to God and to prayer… Look, look, all of us have had people who’ve lost loved ones, and the first thing you do when someone has lost a loved one is you reach out and say, “Hey, I’m lifting you up in prayer. I’m praying for you, your family. I know you’re hurting, and may God’s peace be with you.”

And the Left treats that like “How DARE you believe there’s an omnipotent God who could actually love you and care for you?”

Cruz is either too stupid to understand the criticism or purposely trying to ignore the real issue by claiming this is about Christian Persecution.

When people die in a mass shooting — due in large part to Republicans who fight to make guns easily accessible to anyone at any time for any reason — there’s absolutely no problem with offering condolences even if that involves religious language. It would be cruel to go after someone after a tragedy just for saying they’re praying for the victims.

But when Republicans offer “thoughts and prayers” after a tragedy — like GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert basically did the other day — while blocking gun safety measures and treating guns like toys and taking money from the NRA, there’s legitimate reason to push back that has nothing to do with religion.

Ted Cruz doesn’t offer thoughts and prayers because he cares about the victims, because his actions prove he doesn’t. He’s doing everything in his power to make sure we see more massacres in the future. He has the power to change that but he’ll never use it. He just doesn’t care.

The same could be said for damn near everyone in his party — as well as pathetic Democrats like Sen. Joe Manchin.

As someone who doesn’t believe in “an omnipotent God who could actually love you and care for you,” my criticism of thoughts and prayers has nothing to do with religion. It has to do with cowardly politicians who use it as a way to deflect from taking any kind of actions to prevent these tragedies. Every other country can do it, but people like Cruz are the reason we can’t. Politicians like him care more about guns than people.

How many massacres does it take before Republicans realize that their thoughts aren’t appreciated and their prayers are unheard? As many progressive Christians would say, prayers must be combined with action.

Republicans know this. It’s why they encourage people to vote, not just pray, when it comes to elections. Yet when it comes to responding to a massacre, suddenly prayers are supposed to be enough.

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