Hate-Preacher Promises to Bail Out Protesters at Abortion Clinics or Libraries March 22, 2021

Hate-Preacher Promises to Bail Out Protesters at Abortion Clinics or Libraries

Christian Hate-Preacher Greg Locke, who’s been hosting precaution-free services for his congregation for the past year while ignoring the seriousness of the pandemic (a word he can’t even define), is now encouraging his sheep to protest women’s health care facilities and library reading events.

He told them during a sermon yesterday that if they got arrested for protesting — which they wouldn’t be unless they were doing far more than protesting — he would bail them out himself.

… If you go into the jail cell, then make sure it’s for the Word of God and for the testimony of Jesus Christ… I’ll bail you out if you go to jail because you stand up against butchering babies… I’ll bail you out if you walk up into a library that’s having Drag Queen Story Hour and tell them parents they have lost their mind for letting their boys and girls be exposed to them bunch of pedophiles, and that bunch of wicked degradable nonsense… Hey, I’ll bail you out of jail for that.

My favorite part of that clip is when he loses his “tough guy” accent in the final seconds…

It’s disturbing, though, that these Christian persecutors are basically fantasizing about how they’d be persecuted.

I don’t know how to tell these buffoons that Locke doesn’t care about them. He cares about himself. In that respect, he’s just like Donald Trump, asking everyone else to make sacrifices that ultimately boost his own profile. If you trust him to bail you out, you’re an idiot.

Here’s the beauty of this, though.

In Tennessee, Republican Governor Bill Lee recently signed a law meant to punish Black Lives Matter protesters that could work against this very crowd.

… [Lee] signed a controversial bill that enhances penalties for certain crimes related to political protests and makes it a felony to illegally camp on state property. In Tennessee, a felony conviction automatically revokes an individual’s right to vote.

The law also increases penalties for assaulting a first responder, obstructing emergency vehicles, and rioting.

In other words, if these Christians protest outside health care facilities and end up blocking emergency vehicles, or they squat outside a state-owned library in defiance of reading, it’s possible bail won’t be their primary concern. They could lose their right to vote for good.

Locke, as usual, hasn’t thought through his own Christian martyrdom wet dreams. But he’s absolutely setting the stage for a violent attack by one of congregation members against doctors, women, librarians, or other innocent people just going about their own business. I know he doesn’t care about anyone else’s life, but how much blood will it take for him to be satisfied?

(via Right Wing Watch)

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