“Babylon Bee” Editor: Black People Are “Taught from Birth” to See Racism March 20, 2021

“Babylon Bee” Editor: Black People Are “Taught from Birth” to See Racism

We’ve known for a long time now that The Babylon Bee, the Christian version of The Onion that never lives up to that standard, is a toxic publication. They punch down rather than punch up. They regularly make fun of marginalized group. They’re racist. The humor resembles right-wing radio hosts, not the wit of actual comedians.

Need a more recent example? Here’s the site’s managing editor, Joel Berry, responding to the massage parlor shootings this week:

Sounds about white.

Black Americans haven’t been “taught” to connect modern micro-aggressions with past traumas; they do connect modern micro-aggressions with past traumas because so many white people refuse to learn from history. They’re not taught to see race wherever they go. They have to deal with racism that exists all around them.

Liberals don’t need to wish any kind of trauma on the Asian community — citation needed — when they deal with enough on a regular basis, and even more so in the era of COVID-19. They don’t need extra help, thank you very much.

It’s telling that an editor at a website that was criticized just last year for an article that reeked of racial stereotypes hasn’t learned a thing from that controversy. You have to wonder how many people of color Berry talks to on a regular basis. Better yet, maybe he should be asking himself what he was taught.

Just remember all this whenever someone you know on Facebook shares one of their links. You don’t have to reward them with clicks. It’s okay to point out the underlying bigotry of the people who run the website.

By the way, when people of color respond to something you say with evidence for why it’s harmful, be humble and listen. Don’t double down on your wrongness, like Berry does here:

His past comments, by the way, suggest he doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt. He’s just spewing right-wing talking points with no desire to listen or learn.

How many others ways will the most harmful aspects of Christian culture arise during coverage of the Georgia shooter?

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