GOP Rep: I Won’t Honor Capitol Police Since Pelosi Called Congress a “Temple” March 19, 2021

GOP Rep: I Won’t Honor Capitol Police Since Pelosi Called Congress a “Temple”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the conspiracy theorist and publicity hound who was banned from sitting on any committees because of her repeated support of violence against her colleagues, has found a new way to extend her notoriety.

While just about all of her House colleagues voted to award Congressional Gold Medals to a number of law enforcement officials who protected the Capitol during the insurrectionist attack on January 6th, Greene and 11 of her Republican colleagues voted against it. But only Greene offered this bizarre rationale: She didn’t like the religious reference in the proclamation:

“There were a few things in this bill that really bothered me and caused me to vote ‘no,’” she said. “Number one: Nancy Pelosi called the Capitol ‘a temple.’ You know, it’s the Democrats that worship government as if government is some kind of God. And the government will never be God, and it can never be God. There’s only one God and he created all things that we know and see and hear and feel and experience in our life. God created creation. This government is not God and this Capitol is not a temple. I will not vote for that. I will not give that a stamp of my approval, and I know for a fact that people back home in my district in Georgia will not give that a stamp of their approval. We do not believe the Capitol is a temple, so therefore I cannot vote for that.”

It. Was. A. Metaphor.

Pelosi said in the resolution that Congress was “the temple of our American Democracy.” That’s it.

That language was the least significant aspect of this resolution, which was simply to honor those who sacrificed their lives to protect the members of Congress. Had any Democrat opposed the resolution, you can bet right-wing media would be up in arms about how liberals are anti-police, but Greene’s opposition garnered… crickets.

Greene is arguably splitting hairs because she’s unwilling to say what it’s clear she’s thinking: She supported the coup. She doesn’t want to reward the people who tried to stop the coup. The government isn’t her God, but she sure seems to treat Donald Trump like he is.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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