Christian Bigot Cites “Death to Gays” Bible Verse to Oppose Equality Act March 19, 2021

Christian Bigot Cites “Death to Gays” Bible Verse to Oppose Equality Act

Here’s a good catch by Joe. My. God.

Christian hate-peddler Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council sent out an email yesterday to his supporters urging them to oppose the Equality Act currently being debated in the U.S. Senate. The legislation would prevent anti-LGBTQ discrimination in areas like employment, housing, education, and more… so naturally, conservative Christians are furious. They hate civil rights.

Perkins’ opposition isn’t unique. But look at how he makes his case by citing the work of one of his staffers, David Closson:

The Bible’s Teaching on Homosexuality — Romans 1:18-32 — The apostle Paul explains that humanity has rejected God, exchanging the truth about Him and the things He created for a lie. While describing the sinful “exchanges” men and women have made, Paul uses the term para physin, which means “unnatural” or “against nature.” Homosexuality is unnatural because it is a departure from God’s design for sexuality. According to the passage, homosexuality is also a consequence of humanity suppressing God’s truth and refusing to honor Him. Other verses, including 1 Corinthians 6:9 and 1 Timothy 1:10, reinforce this teaching.

Romans 1:32 is a passage that says anyone guilty of committing certain sins, including homosexual acts, deserve death.

That’s one of the justifications Perkins is using to explain why it should be legal for Christian landlords to kick gay people out of their homes, or for Christian owners of secular businesses to fire transgender employees. Perkins thinks gay people deserve to be tortured for eternity.

He has no rational basis to support his bigotry. But he has all the irrational horrific ones he needs.

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