Christian Hate Group Lashes Out at CNN’s Don Lemon for Saying God Loves Everyone March 17, 2021

Christian Hate Group Lashes Out at CNN’s Don Lemon for Saying God Loves Everyone

During an appearance on The View on Monday, CNN anchor Don Lemon, on the show to promote his new book, reacted to the news that the Catholic Church was refusing once again to endorse same-sex unions because God “cannot bless sin.”

Lemon, who’s gay, said that Christianity ought to be about loving people instead of denouncing them, and the Catholic Church’s statement doubling down on its anti-gay rhetoric was the wrong approach.

The Catholic Church and many other churches really need to reexamine themselves and their teachings, because that is not what God is about. God is not about hindering people or even judging people… I would say to the pope and the Vatican and all Christians or Catholics… go out and meet people, and try to understand people, and do what the Bible and what Jesus actually said — if you believe in Jesus — and that is to love your fellow man and to [judge not lest ye be judged].

There’s a theological case to be made that God is actually all about judging people… but it’s not like the biblical God singles out LGBTQ people like conservative Christians often do.

Keep in mind that Lemon wasn’t saying anything plenty of Catholics don’t already believe; nearly 73% of practicing Catholics say they support same-sex marriage. The pope is in the minority among other Catholics in this regard.

And yet the conservative hate-based Christians at the Illinois Family Institute flipped out over Lemon’s remarks because HOW DARE he suggest God loves people when everyone knows God wants to send LGBTQ people to burn for eternity unless they’re celibate for life and thoroughly ashamed of who they are.

Why, oh, why does someone so biblically ignorant pontificate repeatedly on Christianity?

With pomposity, scorn, and nastiness, leftists regularly judge theologically orthodox Christians. If Christians believe what God’s Word says about sexuality, they are called ignorant, intolerant, hateful bigots — or worse. If “judging people” — in the sense of judging the beliefs, feelings, and acts of people — is wrong, as Lemon says it is, then Lemon and other leftists shouldn’t be judging and condemning Christians as “homophobes” and “transphobes.”

It’s the old “stop being intolerant of our intolerance” routine, delivered by Christians who act like the only thing the Bible wants them to do is drive LGBTQ people to suicide or block trans kids from using a public bathroom and playing sports.

Plenty of Christians agree with Lemon. We’re talking about people who attend church, run ministries, and interact regularly with people who are different from them. IFI and its homogenous members think those Christians are all lying to themselves about being Christian because they won’t recognize that Jesus was a spiteful bigot. Many of them were furious last year when Lemon said Jesus wasn’t perfect… which is a fairly accurate assessment of what the Bible says.

Here’s what IFI refuses to acknowledge: Lemon routinely comes off as empathetic and likable. He’s the sort of person who’d bring people into the Christian fold. The people at IFI, on the other hand, are hate-mongers that you keep your children away from because you can’t trust them to be decent human beings. That’s the Christianity they practice. That’s the reason the group never accomplishes anything worthwhile. That’s the reason the only thing they’ve ever succeeded at is pushing people away from the faith.

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