Christian “Prophetess”: God Let Trump Lose to Spend More “Private Time” With Him March 13, 2021

Christian “Prophetess”: God Let Trump Lose to Spend More “Private Time” With Him

Self-described “prophetess” Amanda Grace, who said just last month that Donald Trump was still president and the impeachment trial against him proved it, is now taking a very different approach.

She said yesterday that God let Trump lose the election in order to have more alone time with him. Because that’s what it would take for Trump to become fully Christian.

… That’s why [Trump is], in a way, hidden away as well. Because the Lord is dealing with these things and He’s working this out with President Trump right now and dealing with it.

And President Trump is, in a way, being afforded the private time to deal with this with the Lord. And for the Lord to really reveal Himself to President Trump where he’s not being, in a way, perhaps, so distracted and pulled in a million directions right now — maybe it’s a little less right now, so he’s got a little more time to think with the Lord, and say these things, and ask questions, and you know? Go out and scream in a field, you know what I mean?!

Anyone who thinks Trump is spending his time at Mar-a-Lago studying the Bible and speaking with God is truly broken. He didn’t care about religion before. He cared about it when campaigning and in the White House because white evangelicals and conservative Catholics were useful tools for him. And now that he’s officially a loser, he doesn’t have to waste his time pretending he respects people of faith.

But it’s nice to hear these lunatics acknowledge Trump lost. It’s more than a lot of elected Republicans are willing to admit.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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