MAGA Christians Protest Florida School District’s Sensible Pro-LGBTQ Guidelines March 12, 2021

MAGA Christians Protest Florida School District’s Sensible Pro-LGBTQ Guidelines

“They will know us by our love” is a popular Bible verse, yet a group of Trump-loving Florida Christians missed that message when they showed up to protest new guidelines that protect the rights and humanity of LGBTQ students in Florida’s Brevard Public Schools on Tuesday.

The guidelines say trans students should be called by their preferred names and pronouns, that they can use the proper bathrooms or locker rooms, and that they can play on sports teams that are consistent with their identity.

A number of conservative Christians protested those guidelines before the district’s recent board meeting.

An hour before the meeting, the scene outside the building was already tense. Two groups of protestors of all ages gathered. About twenty people stood in front of the entrance, some holding signs with phrases including “straight & proud” and “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.”

Some yelled jeers at those standing in favor of the guidelines, calling them “queers” and “pedophiles.”

After public comment, school board members reflected on some of the issues raised, reiterating the guidelines were based on state and federal laws, leaving them little wiggle room.

“The truth is that the guidelines which are causing so much controversy today would be our reality whether there was a policy or not,” board member Katye Campbell said. “School districts without an official policy still have to abide by decisions of the federal court.”

Those signs don’t even make sense. (What does pedophilia have to do with transgender rights?)

There were also counter-protesters holding signs that said “Trans students matter” and “Moms for equality.”

It’s one thing to not fully understand the complexities of sexual identity and gender fluidity — especially if you’re part of a faith tradition that emphasizes a gender binary. But bear in mind that these protections were put in place literally to save lives. The suicide rate is tragically high for the LGBTQ community — it’s the leading cause of death for LGBTQ teens and young adults.

The “All lives matter” crowd don’t care about all lives.

(via LGBTQ Nation)

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