GOP Lawmaker: Cain Killed Abel in the Bible, Therefore We Don’t Need Gun Control March 12, 2021

GOP Lawmaker: Cain Killed Abel in the Bible, Therefore We Don’t Need Gun Control

During a floor speech on Wednesday, just before the Democratic-controlled House passed a bill calling for enhanced background checks for gun sales, Republican Rep. Clay Higgins of Louisiana denounced the idea of gun safety and claimed it was unnecessary… because characters in the Bible killed each other by hand… which proves we’re just inherently violent.


There’s a higher authority than the law of man. Above the speaker’s podium are the words in this great chamber, “In God We Trust.” Do we?

Do we recognize that the biblical record is replete with the violence of man? Shall we admit, shall my colleagues on the other side of the aisle admit that laws designed to restrict Second Amendment rights and freedoms are but a veil to conceal the violence of man born since Adam?

First-born son of Adam killed his brother in a violent rage. I’m rather certain he did not use a firearm.

The Second Amendment protections that we have as American citizens shall not be infringed. Remember these words, and that they are born of a nation that recognized our service to our Lord.

First of all, Cain didn’t use a firearm against Abel because they never existed. If you’re going to use the Bible to make your point, though, you could easily go the opposite way. Cain didn’t need a gun to kill his brother, so we don’t need firearms either. How is that logic any different?

Beyond that, the idea that we’re a violent people, therefore it’s pointless to take any safety precautions, is just the height of broken brain Republican thinking. We’re risk-takers, too. Should we avoid seat belts and helmets? Hell, vaccines didn’t exist thousands of years ago, so why get shots now, right?

This is why you don’t bring primitive religious thinking into politics; it never looks good. If you’re still taking your cues from the Bible, go find a more updated reference book.

Higgins, by the way, is the same person who once claimed any Muslim suspected of being radicalized should be killed and that his wife’s “gift of premonition” was how he knew we we’re losing our freedoms. He was also one of only five House members to reject a resolution committing to a peaceful transfer of power after the 2020 election.

People like him have no business in Congress. But because he’s in a heavily red district, there’s virtually nothing he could say to lose his seat.

Thank goodness more sensible politicians outnumbered him.

(via The American Independent)

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