Evangelist: Prophets Like Me Can “Call” Donald Trump Back Into the White House March 12, 2021

Evangelist: Prophets Like Me Can “Call” Donald Trump Back Into the White House

Televangelist Robin Bullock, who said last November that the COVID crisis could be blamed on people who voted for Hillary Clinton and said last month that President Joe Bidendoesn’t exist,” now claims prophets have the power to restore Donald Trump to the presidency.

“Prophetical authority has to start being used by God’s prophets,” Bullock declared. “We’ve got to come up now to another level and start speaking with authority. Not just declaring, speaking with authority. And the Lord is going to give you words to warn people and speak to people in high-ranking positions. Whether you think they’re listening or not, they’re listening.”

“Even now the rightful president, Donald J. Trump, will hold a rally, and you can tell he’s still the president,” Bullock said. “All you have to do is listen to him. He’s the president. … No matter what happens, he’s the president, and he’s supposed to walk back in that office. So call him back. Call him back. Call him back. Once he knows the prophets are calling, he’ll come.”

Sure. And I make six figures as a freelance writer. Saying it to yourself over and over doesn’t make it true.

It’s obvious Bullock is just trying to appeal to his own echo chamber. His utter refusal to accept reality makes him pretty disgraceful to the rest of us.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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