MAGA Cultist Pastor: Meghan Markle Is a “Jezebel” and “Narcissist” March 11, 2021

MAGA Cultist Pastor: Meghan Markle Is a “Jezebel” and “Narcissist”

Right-wing pastor Shane Vaughn of Mississippi’s First Harvest Ministries, who recently credited Donald Trump with the COVID relief bill that not a single Republican voted for, is now blaming Meghan Markle for speaking out against the Royal Family.

“Meghan Markle was an American actress that never found fame, that never found what she longed for: attention,” Vaughn said. “And she went into a family that has been established for a thousand years or more and has wreaked havoc upon that family.”

“Prince Harry, my heart breaks for your son,” Vaughn added. “I pray every night that God would get a hold of your heart and give you the backbone of a man and that you would act like a prince instead of a pauper, that you would take control of your house and quit letting Jezebel lead you, sir, away from your family, away from your inheritance just so she can cry, talking about suicide. Ain’t nobody trying to commit no suicide. She’s a narcissist. She loves herself too much to kill herself.”

Nothing says compassion like a right-wing pastor discounting a woman’s words because she dared to say what many would’ve preferred she kept secret.

Markle won’t know about or care that he said any of this. But I promise you a lot of women in this man’s church — women who have been depressed or dared to speak out — hear his words loud and clear. They’re better off leaving their churches than sticking around for the verbal abuse.

(via Right Wing Watch. Featured image via Shutterstock)

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