Christian Death-Cult Leader: Everyone Should Avoid “So-Called ‘Vaccines'” March 11, 2021

Christian Death-Cult Leader: Everyone Should Avoid “So-Called ‘Vaccines'”

Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver, last seen claiming the Q in LGBTQ stands for “pedophilia,” is now urging other conservative Christians to avoid the COVID vaccines.

Why? Because he has no clue how they work.

The so-called “vaccines” against COVID-19 have only been approved for experimental use. Much remains unknown about their safety and efficacy. It not only typically takes years to create a new vaccine, but most often, despite the best efforts of scientists, a successful vaccine proves impossible.

For example, scientists (including Dr. Anthony Fauci) tried to create an HIV vaccine for more than 40 years.

Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver said, “Forcing any person to receive one of these COVID injections is a violation of federal law. The COVID injections are not licensed by the FDA and are still in the investigation and experimental phase. No employer or government may force or coerce anyone to take these injections. Federal law requires full informed consent.”

None of that Christian gibberish makes any sense. The vaccines went through rigorous testing on a condensed schedule precisely because of the danger COVID poses. The only reason the FDA approved them was because of how well they worked. Staver has no idea that the methods to create a vaccine today are different than they used to be when the AIDS crisis was going on… which is to be expected since conservative Christians make it a point to never learn the science they reject.

All three of the approved vaccines in the U.S. are “successful” in every sense of the word. They all prevent death by COVID. And they’re better than anyone expected in terms of people catching COVID after the shot(s).

While people can’t be forced to get the vaccination, public places can absolutely set rules that prohibit unvaccinated people from entering the premises. We already do that with other diseases; COVID shouldn’t be any different.

Staver shows us why white evangelicals have not only perpetuated the pandemic, they’re going to be the reason we can’t get this virus under control. Whether it’s keeping churches open with next to no restrictions or telling Christians they should avoid the vaccine for reasons that make no sense at all, Staver and the rest of his death cult won’t be happy until the body count gets higher. Like so many “pro-lifers,” he doesn’t care if you die once you’re out of the birth canal.

If you belong to a church that’s holding in-person mask-optional services, you’re part of the same cult. Get out while you can. Get the shot when it’s available to you. And never listen to deranged liars like Staver whose entire careers depend on them refusing to accept reality.

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