Texas Republican Files Bill to Punish Abortion with the Death Penalty March 10, 2021

Texas Republican Files Bill to Punish Abortion with the Death Penalty

In news that highlights the hypocrisy that is the entire “pro-life” movement, a Texas lawmaker has filed a bill that could punish abortion with — you guessed it — execution.

According to HB 3326, filed by State Rep. Bryan Slaton, women who have abortions and the doctors who perform them could be charged with assault or homicide. In Texas, homicide is punishable by death. The bill includes no exceptions for rape or incest. It would also ban all abortions after fertilization.

Slaton, of course, is a Christian. Because it usually takes religion to do something this cruel and heartless.

Slaton, a freshman Republican from Royse City, previously tried to stop the House from naming bridges or streets without first voting to abolish abortion. The amendment failed, but was supported by more than 40 lawmakers, about half of the Republicans in the House.

Asked about the bill’s language and effect, Slaton said, without further explanation, that he does not think his bill would “put a single person in jail. All my bill does, is say that an unborn child is the same as a born child and should be treated the same by the laws.

A similar bill was proposed two years ago by State Rep. Tony Tinderholt, a man who cares about family values so much that he was on his fifth marriage to a fourth woman. While that bill didn’t pass, it was taken seriously enough to be debated.

Even if this new version of the “Let’s Kill Women” bill takes that same route, it’s a reminder that the people who claim to care so much about life don’t actually give a damn about anyone once they’re outside the birth canal.

As far as I can tell, not a single anti-abortion group has issued a statement denouncing Slaton, this bill, the Republican Party for allowing people like this in the caucus. None of them have pledged to support his future political opponents. None of them are urging their members to call their representatives to oppose this legislation. Because the entire movement is trash. (I will update this post if any of these groups speak out.)

(via Joe. My. God. Screenshot via YouTube)

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