Christian Boss-from-Hell Dave Ramsey Thinks Mask Mandates Are Discriminatory March 9, 2021

Christian Boss-from-Hell Dave Ramsey Thinks Mask Mandates Are Discriminatory

We already know that evangelical financial “guru” Dave Ramsey — already a well-documented Boss From Hell — scoffs at COVID precautions, even for his own employees. He planned a no-mask holiday party in December despite the ever-present threat of the virus.

And now he’s supporting legislation in Tennessee that would make ban public places from kicking someone out for not wearing a mask, treating it as a form of discrimination. Senate Bill 320 and House Bill 794, which do the same thing, are currently in subcommittees.

In his video, Ramsey described the burdens business owners have faced during COVID-19, including loss of revenue and the expense of trying to keep employees and customers safe. That has been made harder by what he called “out of control” actions of government officials.

“On top of managing these risks and carrying this weight, business owners were also required to become agents of the government in enforcing COVID-19 mandates because local officials in too many Tennessee counties overreached their power,” he said.

In his opinion, “so many fear the government more than the actual virus. Optics instead of reality. That’s ridiculous.

When over half a million Americans are dead from the virus in a single year, is any form of precaution too “out of control” at this point? Leave it to Ramsey to care more about businesses’ lost revenue than the loss of life that occurred because we weren’t cautious enough.

More to the point: Wearing a piece of cloth on your face is not a huge sacrifice, nor is it “living in fear.” Much like wearing a seat belt isn’t a sign of cowardice but rather a safety measure, masks will protect you in a way nothing else outside a vaccine can.

Ramsey, and other prominent Christians who share his opinion, are not medical or pandemic experts. Neither are the lawmakers who are backing this ridiculous legislation. For people who call themselves “pro-life,” they are doing everything in their power to block life-saving measures. That tells us far more about their true priorities and values than anything they’ll ever say.

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