E.W. Jackson: God, Please Let Biden Fail By Making His Team “Devour One Another” March 8, 2021

E.W. Jackson: God, Please Let Biden Fail By Making His Team “Devour One Another”

Right-wing radio host and former candidate for Lt. Governor of Virginia E.W. Jackson, who said last month that I (me, personally) secretly feared God, issued a prayer this morning to block Joe Biden‘s agenda.

… We don’t pray imprecatory prayers for people to die, for people to be destroyed… because we’re in the age of grace, and Jesus loves them and wants to save them. But there are imprecatory prayers that are still appropriate. For example, “Lord, I speak confusion into their ranks. May they, in their efforts to carry out ungodly plans and policies, may they turn on one another and may their plans fail because they devour one another.” That’s an appropriate imprecatory prayer. And I pray that about the Democrat [sic] Party…

1 Timothy 2 urges Christians to always pray for those in authority. But Jackson seems to think that rule doesn’t apply if the person in authority has a D after his name. Who knew.

It’s just another reminder that MAGA cultists like Jackson are always willing to twist the Bible to suit their needs. The book is always open to interpretation as long as it benefits Republicans.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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