Christian Hate-Pastor Brags About Precaution-Free Church Service for Hundreds March 7, 2021

Christian Hate-Pastor Brags About Precaution-Free Church Service for Hundreds

Christian Hate-Preacher Greg Locke has spent much of the past year pretending like the pandemic never happened. A year ago, he said he wouldn’t close his Tennessee church because it would mean caving in to fear. Over the deadly summer, he bragged about his church’s lack of masks and social distancing. He even unleashed a rant about how he needed to wear a mask to enter Dunkin’ because that’s the worst thing he’s ever had to deal with.

What’s sad is that he’s still doing it. He’s still putting his congregation in harm’s way. And his congregation is still putting everyone they come into contact with in danger of catching COVID.

This is what Locke posted tonight, bragging about a large Sunday service with no precautions whatsoever:

800+ people at church this morning. No masks, no temperature checks, no social distancing and no apology.

This is a Christian death cult.

He’s bragging about how much everyone in that circus tent rejects science. We have to assume many of them have not yet been vaccinated — and probably won’t be even when given the chance — because they’ve been brainwashed into thinking a vaccination means admitting there’s something serious they need to be protected against.

I don’t care about a pastor taking stupid risks with his own life. I’m troubled by all these people choosing to put their own lives at risk because I don’t think they understand what they’re doing. But I’m definitely disturbed by the reality that all these people left church and went back to their communities, where they may very well have spread the virus to the masses despite how close we are to finally defeating it.

Usually, Locke’s sermons make news because he says something idiotic. But it’s downright dangerous when he’s in the news for everything except serving Kool-Aid.

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