This Church’s “Obedience” Video for Kids is All Kinds of Creepy March 5, 2021

This Church’s “Obedience” Video for Kids is All Kinds of Creepy

This video described as a “Fun Songs for Kids” is all kinds of creepy, and it starts with everyone’s hostage-like looks right at the beginning. Including the damn puppets.

Look: I have little kids. I know how important it is to get them to listen to you. But that’s a far cry from teaching them to obey authority at all times, as if that’s some kind of virtue. Blind faith is what led Abraham to nearly murder Isaac.

No one should tell kids to be “obedient” without also telling them that questioning things they don’t understand is perfectly fine.

That video, by the way, comes courtesy of Pastor Roger Jimenez, the New Independent Fundamentalist Baptist preacher who’s perhaps most famous for responding to the Pulse nightclub massacre (in which nearly 50 people were murdered) by telling his congregation that the real tragedy was “that more of them didn’t die.” He also longs for the government to round up all the gay people, “put them up against a firing wall, put a firing squad in front of them, and blow their brains out.”

Promoting obedience is bad enough. Promoting obedience to a moral monster is downright psychotic.

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