Christian Pastor: Trump Will Be a Two-Term President, Just Not Consecutively February 26, 2021

Christian Pastor: Trump Will Be a Two-Term President, Just Not Consecutively

If you’re a right-wing pastor who believes God ordained Donald Trump to be president again, who now has to come to grips with the fact that he’s a loser, how do you make sense of God’s Plan?

If you’re Shane Vaughn, you just pretend there’s something bigger in store:

We must sit back and trust that God’s Plan was better than our plan from the beginning, see? The prophet of God, Mr. Kim Clement, said that they would cry “impeach” twice, and that both times, it would come to nothing. That’s exactly what happened. That same minister said that the president would serve two terms. He never said consecutive. That was read into his prophecy, but he didn’t say it. He said two terms. So it’s quite possible, now, that Mr. Trump will serve 12 years as the leader of this nation. Because even though he’s not in the White House, he’s in their head in the White House, night and day.

This is what happens when your brain is broken and Trump replaces God as your savior. You can’t accept the fact that his popularity isn’t going to magically regenerate, especially as parts of the country (slowly) come to realizes the damage he’s done.

Instead of just admitting God — or at least a so-called prophet — got this wrong, Vaughn has to make up a new justification after the fact.

This is the same guy who said back in January that Trump wouldn’t be impeached. He was wrong then, too.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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