Texas Bishop Blames Atheism for Every “Ill That Plagues Our Society” February 25, 2021

Texas Bishop Blames Atheism for Every “Ill That Plagues Our Society”

The broader Christian church has a long sordid history of racism that is so well-known that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “The most segregated hour of Christian America is 11 o’clock on Sunday morning.”

Christians didn’t cause racism but they’ve historically been part of the problem.

None of that got through to Texas Bishop Joseph E. Strickland, though, because yesterday he claimed atheism was far worse than racism — before blaming atheists for all of society’s problems.

Racism won’t be solved with repentance because many of the most prominent racists today (and yesterday) are conservative Christians.

It’s also clear that nations where religion plays a minimal role are better off on just about every measure of health and happiness. Rejecting religion is good for your well-being.

More to the point, it’s insane to blame atheists for society’s problems when atheists have always had very little political power… in large part because we’re routinely demonized by the religious to the point where we’re effectively unelectable in many parts of the country.

Atheist groups lashed out against the head of the Diocese of Tyler:

Strickland has a habit of saying the dumbest possible things. Last September, he supported the idea that True Catholics™ couldn’t possibly vote for a Democrat. He also thinks climate change is a hoax. Last year, he also signed a “manifesto” claiming the pandemic was a plot to create a “world government.”

Honestly, we should really be thanking him for pushing more people away from the Catholic Church and toward atheism.

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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