Congresswoman QAnon Uses God to Justify Her Anti-Trans Bigotry February 25, 2021

Congresswoman QAnon Uses God to Justify Her Anti-Trans Bigotry

Showing once again how conservative Christians are the worst people in elected office, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the publicity hound who was banned from sitting on any committees because of her repeated support of violence against her colleagues, found a way to out-asshole Sen. Ted Cruz.

During a discussion about the Equality Act, which would protect LGBTQ rights, Greene argued (falsely) that the bill would protect pedophiles, “destroy women’s rights,” and kill religious freedom.

She’s lying about all of those things, using Christian propaganda to try and block civil rights legislation. She’ll fail. The same bill passed the House last year. It’ll pass the House again this year no matter how many lies Republicans spread about it — let’s hope Senate moderates don’t ruin it.

In any case, having no ability to block the bill, Greene was still attempting to get publicity yesterday, this time by trying to adjourn Congress. She failed. Then, she lashed out against the trans child of one of her colleagues — Rep. Marie Newman (D-IL) — whose office is directly across from her own.

This is what the Christian congresswoman is doing with her time: using her power to mock a trans child, use God as justification for her bigotry, and blocking civil rights legislation so that more LGBTQ people suffer.

This is what you get when you elect conservative Christians to office: Hate, lies, and no substance. Just someone constantly auditioning for a job at FOX News.

There are predominantly white evangelical churches who may not support her actions, but fully support her anti-trans rhetoric. They’re part of the problem, too, as are all the members of those churches. If your congregation isn’t actively pushing back against this sort of faith-based bigotry, then don’t act surprised when you’re lumped in with conspiracy theorists like Greene.

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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