Hate-Pastor: “If You Believe the Bible,” Then You’ll Reject a Biden Presidency February 24, 2021

Hate-Pastor: “If You Believe the Bible,” Then You’ll Reject a Biden Presidency

Christian Hate-Preacher Greg Locke isn’t handling the Joe Biden presidency well. Mostly because it’s been hard for him to acknowledge that Biden is president.

His latest display of sore-losering is insisting that any Christian who voted for Biden doesn’t actually believe in the Bible:

I’m so fired up, I could rip this pulpit in half right now, praise God… You’ve got the wrong one if you think I’m gonna get up and say [Imitating other pastors with a strange accent] “Well, ladies and gentlemen, there was a time I believed the Bible was the Word of God, but no longer. The Bible is just not productive these days. After all, Joe Biden is the president.

No he’s not! If you believe the Bible, you’d believe that too, amen!

Who knew there were verses in the Bible that reject a Biden presidency? They never mentioned this in seminary.

Locke’s sermon is a textbook example of a straw man argument since no Christian pastor is saying the thing he claims they say. If it matters, there are a number of Christians who voted for Biden and who have no problem reconciling their faith with their politics. Locke has no idea how they do it because he won’t talk to them and he doesn’t care. Why bother when your followers live alongside you in your bubble?

(via Right Wing Watch)

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