Lying Pastor Says Government Will Keep Churches Closed After “the Virus Ends” February 23, 2021

Lying Pastor Says Government Will Keep Churches Closed After “the Virus Ends”

Pastor Greg Fairrington of Destiny Church in Rocklin, California — a guy who has blamed church closures on “liberal crazies and Satan” instead of COVID and whose church ironically had a COVID outbreak — now says church closures will continue post-COVID because that’s what liberals want.

This has never been about a virus, people. Never been. This is a social experiment. Government has taken its steps inside the church and told the church what to do. You think it’s gonna end when the virus ends? You’re wrong. It’s not.

It is coming. If you are not socially compliant, it is coming. I just want to know who’s going with me. Anybody going with me?

He’s lying because he’s a Christian pastor who thinks lying in the name of Jesus is always okay.

Obviously, churches — like all other places where people gather — were closed down to prevent the spread of a virus that’s killed more than 500,000 Americans so far. No one was stopping pastors from live-streaming services. If the virus disappears, or at least when enough people are vaccinated, churches will be free to open back up as well.

Besides just being too dumb to understand reality, Fairrington also suggests the government has it out for Christians when the fact is that the government is full of Christians. Thankfully, the current administration is willing to follow the advice of scientists instead of caving in to right-wing extremists who don’t give a damn about any non-fetal lives.

(via Christian Nightmares)

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