Survey: Orthodox Jews, Unlike Other Jews, Vote Just Like White Evangelicals February 20, 2021

Survey: Orthodox Jews, Unlike Other Jews, Vote Just Like White Evangelicals

During the pandemic, there have been two groups of religious people eagerly fighting public gathering restrictions: Evangelical Christians and Orthodox Jews.

That shared opposition to sensible health precautions actually tells us something remarkable: While, on the whole, American Jews tend to be quite liberal and vote for Democrats, Orthodox Jews’ politics closely resemble those of white evangelicals instead.

Yonat Shimron of Religion News Service has more on this overlap highlighted by Nishma Research:

Orthodox Jews, who strictly adhere to traditional teachings, are increasingly voting Republican and spouting familiar conspiracy theories former President Donald Trump has stoked.

“Overall, it seems pretty clear that Orthodoxy has shifted toward Trump,” said Mark Trencher, president of Nishma and the study’s lead researcher, noting that among those who voted Republican or Democrat, “there were huge differences.”

Up until 2000 — when Democrat Al Gore and his Modern Orthodox running mate, Joe Lieberman, won a large majority of the Orthodox Jewish vote — the Orthodox Jewish vote had historically leaned Democrat. But since then, most Orthodox Jews have migrated to the Republican Party.

Orthodox Jews make up about 10% of the American Jewish population.

While it seems counterproductive for Jews to support Trump, a man who frequently used anti-Semitism in his speeches (regardless of his daughter’s conversion to marry a Jewish man), Orthodox Jews tend to prioritize similar values as the rest of Trump’s evangelical base: they tend to be “pro-life,” against marriage equality, and fiscally conservative.

But as much as Trump and other Republicans claim to “love Israel,” one can’t help but wonder if those same Orthodox Jews are aware of the primary reason evangelicals support the country: to get the Jews back to the Holy Land so Jesus can return sooner. At which they will be sent straight to hell.

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