Evangelist: Pray for Me in Asia Because Buddhists Have “Emptiness on the Inside” February 20, 2021

Evangelist: Pray for Me in Asia Because Buddhists Have “Emptiness on the Inside”

It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned Christian evangelist Ron Luce, but the last time was in 2017, when he posted a cringe-worthy video about how “God would blast Adam with His love… and that was the original love affair.”

This time, it’s not funny. It’s just unpleasant. Luce is apparently on a trip to Southeast Asia because he asked his Facebook followers to pray for him as he visits Laos and Thailand. What does he need prayers for? Because he’s surrounded by Buddhists who have something wrong with them:

… I ask you to just pray for me as we’re having meetings in a part of the world that’s, you know, less than 1% Christian. And Buddhists [are] everywhere and animus and spiritus and with a[n] emptiness on the inside that, of course, only Christ can fill. God bless.

This isn’t something only Luce says. This is the way Christians talk about non-Christians when they speak to each other. They treat them as basically less than human, as if there’s something wrong with those other people, and they need to be rescued or saved or whatever language Christians want to use to make themselves believe they’re being useful.

Needless to say, if any non-Christian group spoke about Christians the way Luce speaks of them — then visited heavily Christian countries to “fix” the population — they’d be crying about being persecuted.

(via Christian Nightmares. Screenshot via YouTube)

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