Priest from COVID-Spreading Church in San Francisco Dies of COVID February 19, 2021

Priest from COVID-Spreading Church in San Francisco Dies of COVID

Back in July, Saints Peter and Paul’s Church in San Francisco, California hosted a wedding. In the middle of the pandemic, roughly 100 people packed inside the church for a celebration… only to have a city official force them to stop the action, move it outside, and finish over Zoom.

But the beginning of the wedding was long enough for the newlywed couple and eight other guests to test positive for COVID. Then consider all the other people who may have gotten the virus, only to return home and spread it further. It was just an utterly idiotic thing to do, and it was facilitated by the Catholic Church.

It turns out that was just the beginning. That same church had to shut down a few weeks ago after another COVID outbreak involving multiple clergy members, and now one of those priests has died.

Father Bob Stein of Saints Peter and Paul Church died early Tuesday morning, per a statement published by the North Beach institution on its website.

The church has repeatedly evaded COVID-19 health ordinances during the pandemic, warranting a cease-and-desist from City Attorney Dennis Herrera to the Archdiocese of San Francisco.

At what point do the people running this church admit to themselves they caused this unnecessary death? The government — and the critics of reopening churches — were never out to persecute people of faith. They were trying to save lives. It was the selfishness and arrogance of the church leaders that led them to push for public gatherings. And now one of their own has paid with his life for their stupidity.

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