Christian “Prophetess”: If You Come After Me, My 150-Foot Angels Will Protect Me February 18, 2021

Christian “Prophetess”: If You Come After Me, My 150-Foot Angels Will Protect Me

Self-proclaimed Christian “prophetess” Kat Kerr, who thinks there’s football in Heaven, that God will put back any baby lost through a miscarriage, and that God keeps a warehouse in Heaven for anyone who needs (for example) a new kidney, has made up a new lie.

Yesterday, during a conversation with Steve Shultz of ElijahStreams, Kerr explained that if anyone comes after her due to her support for Donald Trump — something that no one is doing — they’re in for a big surprise. They will have to face her bodyguards: 150-foot-tall angels… who will murder them.

I will just say this: I live in Florida. If you’re making noise to come and take me down, you’ll have to face these 150-foot angels who are with me… I always have to give a warning: You will not live in a decision like that… [The Father] told me He’s not gonna let anybody take my life. That’s not a challenge to you; that’s a warning.

Kat Kerr’s Persecution Complex has its own Persecution Complex. She’s making up her enemies just as she’s making up her allies. And no one in her life circle seems willing to get her the help she needs.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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