Anti-Abortion Activist: Anti-Trump Christians “Let Down the Pro-Life Movement” February 18, 2021

Anti-Abortion Activist: Anti-Trump Christians “Let Down the Pro-Life Movement”

Back in October, Christian preacher and author John Piper wrote a cowardly essay in which he said he wasn’t going to vote for Donald Trump… but he also wasn’t going for the only other viable option either. That’s because while Democrats were pro-choice, Trump’s flaws were glaringly obvious. To his credit, Piper couldn’t square Trump’s behavior with supposed Christian values.

And last month, Russell Moore, the head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, said Trump deserved to be impeached and convicted for his role in the insurrection.

Those anti-Trump sentiments are despicable, according to Concerned Women for America’s CEO Penny Nance. The conservative Nance is anti-abortion and she says Piper and Moore have “let down the pro-life movement“… by calling out Trump’s awfulness.

It says a lot (and none of it good) about the current state of the “pro-life” movement when its now synonymous with all things Trump.

Evangelical leaders let down the pro-life movement by not standing firm on the fact that we needed a pro-life president,” she argued.

“People like John Piper and Beth Moore and Russell Moore and others let down the pro-life movement by not understanding or caring that hundreds of millions of dollars were going to be shifted to destroy life if Donald Trump lost.”

Nance cares more about fetuses than people. She doesn’t care that the Trump administration shifted millions of dollars away from countless families dependent on food stamps or how Trump spent money on a pointless border wall that would prevent desperate families (with children!) from seeking safety. And, of course, let’s not forget the hundreds of thousands of lives taken due to COVID 19 all because the former president lied about its danger, refused to emphasize the importance of masks, and couldn’t come up with a halfway-competent response.

Nance went on to condemn the Biden administration for being “anti-women,” but it’s not anti-women to enact policies that make healthcare — and therefore pregnancy — more affordable. It’s not “anti-life” to raise the minimum wage or give Americans stimulus checks.

Moreover, one can be against abortion personally while recognizing that keeping it legal means preventing deaths from unsanitary back-alley procedures.

The truth is, abortion rates have little to do with the personal beliefs of the president. Abortion rates are affected by policy. Make life more affordable, and healthcare more accessible, and more babies will be born (or more unwanted pregnancies prevented in the first place). The math is not hard. The facts have spoken for themselves for decades now.

Ironically, Republicans like Nance are doing everything in their power to increase abortion rates. They should be thanking Biden, not condemning him.

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