Holocaust Expert: The GOP’s Embrace of an Anti-Semitic Lawmaker Won’t End Well February 17, 2021

Holocaust Expert: The GOP’s Embrace of an Anti-Semitic Lawmaker Won’t End Well

The term “deplorable” is too kind to describe GOP figurehead Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Historian Deborah Lipstadt, who studies Jewish history and the Holocaust, says that the Republican Party’s refusal to condemn Greene’s embrace of conspiracy theories (including her anti-Semitic beliefs) is a frightening omen:

I don’t believe Greene is advocating physical violence against Jews. It was hard, however, not to be struck by her choice of words when she spoke on the House floor to argue that these were no longer her views. Rather than apologise, she condemned the attacks on her as an attempt to “crucify” her. Crucify?

Irrespective of her personal views about Jews, there is no doubt, however, that she is reinforcing and spreading a dangerous notion. She may not pick up the rock or gun to harm a Jew, but she is giving ammunition to those who will. And this kind of hatred and violence may start with Jews, but it never ends with them. And if it begins with others, it will eventually lead to Jews. History makes that clear.

This nonchalance by the GOP towards Greene’s anti-Semitism is especially galling given how the Republican Party claims to love Jews and Israel (though the two aren’t synonymous). If the party is dumb enough to believe this is the way to cater to the Jewish vote, they may be in for a big surprise. Jews already tend to vote for Democrats. People like Greene will only create further polarization.

(via Raw Story)

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