Anti-Trump GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger’s Family Says He’s a Disappointment “to God” February 16, 2021

Anti-Trump GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger’s Family Says He’s a Disappointment “to God”

Rep. Adam Kinzinger, a Republican from Illinois, is one of the handful of members of his own party to vote for Donald Trump‘s impeachment and speak out against the GOP’s cult of personality.

He’s already been the subject of plenty of criticism from other Republicans; now he’s getting rebuked by his own extended family.

Two days after Mr. Kinzinger called for removing Mr. Trump from office following the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol, 11 members of his family sent him a handwritten two-page letter, saying he was in cahoots with “the devil’s army” for making a public break with the president.

“Oh my, what a disappointment you are to us and to God!” they wrote. “You have embarrassed the Kinzinger family name!”

As everyone knows, God is a huge fan of deadly insurrections…

It’s hard for me to feel bad for Kinzinger, though. At least in our current political landscape, a decent Republican is a still worse than a moderate Democrat. He’s only getting praise because the rest of his party is utter garbage, not because he’s the only voice of reason out there. If you’re looking for heroes, hell, there’s an entire political party that stood up to Trump. Kinzinger chose to be a Republican; that should haunt him forever.

There have been rumblings about Kinzinger running for governor of Illinois — he has dismissed this so far — but even he has to know that’s not a viable option. Democrats in and around Chicago know better than to trust someone like him, and the Sedition Party wants nothing to do with him. If that puts him on a island in danger of his political future, well, just remember that this is his sixth term in office. There were plenty of opportunities to call out the Republican Party in that time. The fact that his family only got mad now tells you Kinzinger missed out on a lot of opportunities.

Good for him for bucking his own party, but you’re still a damn fool if you would consider voting for him over a decent Democratic opponent. It’s too little too late.

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