Conspiracist: The Capitol Riot Was a “False Flag” to “Trap” Trump Supporters February 14, 2021

Conspiracist: The Capitol Riot Was a “False Flag” to “Trap” Trump Supporters

Conservative activist and conspiracy theorist DeAnna Lorraine, who recently said she wouldn’t get a COVID-19 even if Jesus were to take it, was, at one point, showing signs of seeing the light regarding the falsehoods of QAnon.

It seems she’s refilled her Kool-Aid cup by insisting that the insurrection was just a trap to further persecute Trump supporters:

She made the comments during an interview on “The Pete Santilli Show”:

“This plan was cooked up,” Lorraine said. “[It had] all the markings of a trap, of a false flag. A lot of us fell for it. We thought it was innocent. We went there, we wanted to fight for our President Trump and put pressure on them for the vote. But now they’re using this as everyone who’s a Trump supporter, anyone who’s a conservative, anyone who has any ties to the NRA or any gun rights group for God’s sake is going to be branded a domestic terrorist, and that gives them free rein to punish us however they see fit. And that’s the terrifying thing.”

These people barged into a federal building with weapons, threatened several employees by name, and clearly could’ve done more damage if not for the courage of certain officers and their own inability to brag about their crimes. If that’s not a form of terrorism, what is?

“Ban us from free speech platforms,” she continued. “Ban us from the polite society, fire us, imprison us, lock us up and throw away the key. That’s what they’re doing right now, and it’s terrifying. And the worst part about it is our fellow Americans are so indoctrinated by this that they’re cheering it on. They’re cheering on us losing our jobs or getting thrown in prison because of course, we’re domestic terrorists and we’re violent, so of course they should cheer that on. It’s dangerous at this point. It’s unbelievable.”

Yes, it is worth cheering on businesses protecting their reputations by firing their terrorist employees. Glad we agree.

I’m sure it’s terrifying to have everything you thought was true suddenly proven to be a lie. That leaves a person with only two choices: Embrace reality or double down even harder on the lies because it’s easier than admitting you were wrong.

Embracing reality is tough. It involves humility and making amends. It means acknowledging your mistakes.

No wonder Lorraine is going down the other path.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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