TN GOP Bill Would Give Fathers (Including Rapists) Veto Power Over Abortions February 13, 2021

TN GOP Bill Would Give Fathers (Including Rapists) Veto Power Over Abortions

A bill in Tennessee would require women seeking an abortion to get the permission of the father first. If he says no, she can’t have it.

It’s a gift to sexual predators across the state. Naturally, it’s the brainchild of Republicans.

State Sen. Mark Pody has previously filed bills to reject marriage equality, ban abortions after a heartbeat is detected, and tried to make the Bible the “Official State Book.”

Tennessee State Sen. Mark Pody

Now, SB 494 (and HB 1079 in the State House, sponsored by State Rep. Jerry Sexton) would give men veto power over a woman’s body, forcing her to give birth if he decides he wants her to cause her pain against her will.

At the hearing, if the man can prove that he is the biological father and that there is a “reasonable probability” that the woman would obtain an abortion, the court shall issue an injunction prohibiting her from terminating the pregnancy. Proof of parenthood requires only that the petitioner acknowledges paternity. A DNA test is not required.

If the woman violates the injunction by obtaining an abortion, the court may hold her in civil or criminal contempt. There are no exceptions for rape or incest.

Congratulations to rapists all across Tennessee. Pody and Sexton, both of whom are Christians, decided to reward you for your future crimes.

This is what happens when a “pro-life” mentality overrides common sense, basic human decency, and any modicum of respect for women.

The bill, if it became law, would almost certainly be deemed unconstitutional, but that doesn’t matter to Republicans because they will pass anything in the hopes that a conservative super-majority on the Supreme Court would eventually give them the victory they want.

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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