Here’s Pat Robertson Claiming God Cured One Specific Woman’s Breast Cancer February 9, 2021

Here’s Pat Robertson Claiming God Cured One Specific Woman’s Breast Cancer

Normally, when The 700 Club is on, savvy hate-watchers can just skip ahead to the part of the show where Pat Robertson answers viewers’ questions to see what crazy stuff is coming out of his mouth.

But every now and then, you skip around to other parts of the show and realize it’s insane everywhere.

Take this segment from yesterday, when Robertson suggested a specific woman had breast cancer. But not to worry! God would cure it instantaneously.

There’s somebody… is the name Minerva… it looks like there’s a lump in your right breast, and it’s cancer, and God is going to heal this. You’ll feel, like, a burning in that breast. You want to touch it? Do so, and God has just healed you in Jesus’ name.

This is what passes for a perfectly normal segment on Christian TV. It’s faith-healer nonsense that barely makes a blip in the news because it’s just a run-of-the-mill Christian scam. You see it in churches, you see it on televangelists’ shows, and you see it on viral YouTube segments featuring scam artists trying to manipulate the emotions of gullible audiences.

It’s all the same trick… which is to say it’s all a lie. You name a person. You name an ailment. You say God cured it. And every viewer just assumes someone else — someone with more faith and who gives more money — has received a gift from God.

If Robertson has these gifts, he ought to visit the cancer ward of a hospital. He’ll never do that. Will any of his viewers wonder why?

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