Pastor: The Election Was Stolen Because Christians Weren’t Political Enough February 6, 2021

Pastor: The Election Was Stolen Because Christians Weren’t Political Enough

Pastor Rob McCoy, who spread the debunked claim that only 6% of COVID deaths were actually related to COVID, now claims that the election results could have been different if the church at large had been more involved in politics.

As if the problem with churches is that they care too little about government.

McCoy spoke on Monday’s episode of “Wallbuilders Live” alongside pseudo-historian David Barton and co-host Rick Green and made his point:

And I say to people, yeah, look, we got ripped off in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona. You know, the election, just in those four counties. You look in Detroit, and you look in the counties in Pennsylvania, and it was unscrupulous. It was evil. It was dirty.

This is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, and it requires participation. And the systems that were put in place to allow the opposition to steal the election in those states happened because of the absence of moral and godly people who would provide a check and balance in regards to that.

Nothing was stolen. Donald Trump was just deeply unpopular with the majority of voters. Plenty of Christians voted, but 80% of white evangelical voters weren’t enough to counter the desires of just about every other demographic. The 2020 elections showed that the evangelical playbook is in dire need of an update if they want success in the future.

The problem is not that the church needs to be more involved in politics; it’s that they need to change how they do it. They can start by not making abortion the end-all, be-all issue that drives their vote; a truly “pro-life” ethic would also be concerned about immigration and social policies that both help the poor and make parenthood more affordable for every family.

But the way things have been going, church involvement in politics has only led to more power used for despicable reasons. It’s been dreadful for their reputation — or “witness” — and their unfounded complaints about a rigged election aren’t helping.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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