Democrats Reject GOP Attempt to Say Pledge of Allegiance at Judiciary Meetings February 5, 2021

Democrats Reject GOP Attempt to Say Pledge of Allegiance at Judiciary Meetings

This was hardly the biggest political news story yesterday, but during a meeting of the House Judiciary Committee, conspiracy theorist, Trump supporter, and 1/6 truther Rep. Matt Gaetz suggested opening every meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

It’s a pointless suggestion. Why waste time reciting a blatantly Christian poem that falsely suggests we have “liberty and justice for all” and that we’re a nation “under God”?

Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler, who chairs the Committee, thankfully shot down the suggestion, telling Gaetz they didn’t need to say the Pledge because the House (as a whole) already said it at the start of their business days.

NADLER: … It’s unnecessary. The House begins every day with the Pledge of Allegiance. We’re covered by that. There’s no necessity to say the Pledge of Allegiance twice during the same day.

For what it’s worth, there’s no reason to say the Pledge of Allegiance even once. But Nadler’s comments are appreciated. We don’t need Christian Nationalism in the government, and we sure as hell shouldn’t consider it when Democrats are in charge. Gaetz, who voted to overturn the election results, isn’t actually interested in a “great unifying, patriotic moment,” as he says in that clip, because he’s not a patriot. He’s just interested in virtue signaling to his right-wing base.

Nadler, on the other hand, has long been a defender of church/state separation. In 2013, during a speech to the Secular Coalition for America, he referred to his colleagues who talk about our nation’s supposed Judeo-Christian heritage as “religious chauvinists.”

If you need more evidence of how this wasn’t a sincere request in the first place, just look at how the House Judiciary GOP’s Twitter account shared it. They stopped the clip after Nadler said no, but before he explained why. For some reason, they didn’t think their base needed to know the House already says the Pledge every day.

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