AR Lawmakers Pass Bill Forcing Women to Call “Pro-Life” Hotline Before Abortion February 5, 2021

AR Lawmakers Pass Bill Forcing Women to Call “Pro-Life” Hotline Before Abortion

In case you’re wondering what Republicans do when they have total control of a state legislature and no actual desire to make anyone’s lives better, just look to Arkansas. The State Senate just passed a bill, HB 1195, which would force women seeking an abortion to call a hotline and speak with someone whose only goal is to talk them out of the abortion.

The State House passed the bill earlier this week, so it awaits the Republican governor’s signature. It’s sponsored by State Rep. Jim Dotson (below), who hopes the bill will reduce abortion rates. But his method of doing that isn’t to provide more financial support to people living in poverty, or fight for contraception access, or support affordable healthcare, or do anything meaningful.

He thinks women are too stupid to make decisions for themselves and they need more obstacles in their path.

Dotson isn’t a smart man, obviously. So he has no way to pay for this hotline he wants to create. He just assumes it’ll be taken care of despite the multi-million dollar cost.

Dotson told the House on Monday that the legislation would cost $1.2-1.5 million, based on similar programs in other states.

The Health Department, however, told a legislative committee last week that it would cost between $4-5 million to develop and fund the hotline and connection to services.

The bill itself does not include any funding for the Health Department to create the hotline, nor does it fund the creation or expansion of any services for pregnant women or mothers.

He hasn’t thought through how to pay for his unnecessary blockade. But he did include a passage in the bill that would fine doctors $5,000 if they perform a legal abortion without first verifying that the woman called the hotline.

Dotson is a Christian who thinks his role in the state legislature is to advertise his faith wherever he goes. It’s never surprising when someone who broadcasts his faith also uses his power to hurt women.

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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