Klingenschmitt: The White House is Currently Being Run By the “Devil’s Will” February 2, 2021

Klingenschmitt: The White House is Currently Being Run By the “Devil’s Will”

Conservative activist and former Colorado state legislator Gordon Klingenschmitt once said transgender people are evildoers who are “full of the Devil.”

He’s now making the same claim of the White House, saying the Democrats inside are full of the “Devil’s will.”

“I do believe God wanted Donald Trump to be reelected,” Klingenschmitt said. “I think it was God’s will, and yet sometimes in this fallen world, the devil wins, and God’s perfect will is not always done on Earth. I think it’s an abomination now that someone with a demonic spirit of, for example, transgenderism — Joe Biden is now promoting boys going into girls’ locker rooms in public school. He is promoting abortion on demand with taxpayer funding to kill innocent children. He is going to harm Israel in their unique calling in the world.”

That is the devil’s will who is ruling in the White House right now when, I believe, President Trump was for God on those issues,” Klingenschmitt proclaimed.

Actually, Trump was for whatever his base wanted… or for whatever profited him personally. God had nothing to do with it. Many Christians would argue Trump’s will went against Christ’s word.

To pretend Democrats — who are trying to pass COVID relief, immigration reform, voting rights, and a slew of other necessary bills — are acting on behalf of Satan says more about Klingenschmitt’s broken theology than the Democrats’ priorities.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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