The History of the Satanic Panic and Its Disturbing Consequences January 31, 2021

The History of the Satanic Panic and Its Disturbing Consequences

In this disturbing yet informative video, Erin McCarthy of Mental Floss goes through the history of the Satanic Panic, the bizarre conspiracy theory from the 1980s that got completely out of hand and ruined lives in the process.

While some of the Satanic “ties” are downright silly, the Christian belief became a modern-day witch hunt. No evidence ever proved ritualistic abuse, but no amount of evidence would deter True Believers either. What’s sad is how we haven’t learned a damn thing since then. The people who believed in the Satanic Panic then are the types of people who believe in QAnon now.

Reason alone won’t change their minds because they were never reasoned into it. But the people in their lives may have some persuasion powers.

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