Christian Radio Host Falsely Claims COVID Variants Are “Less Deadly” January 31, 2021

Christian Radio Host Falsely Claims COVID Variants Are “Less Deadly”

During one of Christian radio host Frank Sontag‘s recent shows, he argued that the mutated versions of COVID-19, which are even deadlier than the virus at the center of the pandemic, are “less deadly.”

His proof? Someone said so. Therefore he felt justified in feeding harmful lies to his gullible Christian audience.

In the overwhelming amount of cases — I heard one doctor say 99-point-whatever percent — the new strain, the new variant, is less deadly, or whatever terminology you’re gonna throw in there.

It’s less devastating. It’s just the nature of mutations. It gets weaker. So guard your mind, guard your hearts, educate yourself because the media, the mainstream media, boy, they are all about perpetuating this doom and gloom as it applies to Covid.

That’s not accurate. At all. The mutations appear to help COVID spread even faster.

All three variants are thought to be more transmissible than earlier forms of the coronavirus and, if left unchecked, could lead to more cases overall by infecting more people faster. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has estimated that B.1.1.7 could become the dominant form of the coronavirus in the United States by March.

Besides just being deadlier, it’s especially disturbing to hear Sontag downplay it when he was ignoring the original version of COVID. This is someone who, in July, mocked face masks, social distancing, self-quarantines, and even hand-washing. No one should be taking COVID safety advice from a guy who wasn’t even close the first time.

How many people have to die before Sontag acknowledges his mistakes?


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