Preacher: God Anointed Trump, Therefore Biden is an “Illegal Counterfeit” January 30, 2021

Preacher: God Anointed Trump, Therefore Biden is an “Illegal Counterfeit”

MAGA cultist and right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau, who recently said he cured Rush Limbaugh‘s terminal lung cancer with his prayers, now says Joe Biden will never be a legitimate president.

Never mind that Biden was elected fairly and squarely. Wallnau insists God’s anointing still rests on Donald Trump.

Wallnau warned that Biden will have trouble dealing with the issues of North Korea, Iran, and terrorism because he does not have God’s anointing the way Trump does.

“God isn’t finished with America, and God isn’t even finished with Donald Trump,” Wallnau said. “I think people think, ‘He’s out of office, [we] have a new president,’ but what if God has an anointing on Donald Trump to be Cyrus, and there’s an illegal counterfeit in office?”

Trump, if you recall, did not exactly handle the North Korea situation with utmost maturity, calling Kim Jong-un “Rocket Man” and boasting of their “love letters.” Is that how God’s anointed — let alone a halfway-decent politician — deals with one of the country’s most dangerous enemies? Surely Biden can’t do any worse.

There’s absolutely zero proof that God has any personal investment in Trump. With any luck, the man will be charged with corruption and put away for a very long time. Biden wasn’t a progressive darling during the primaries, but he hasn’t even been president for a full month. Even those on the Right should give him the chance to succeed — the same opportunity Republicans said they wanted liberals to give Trump.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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