Podcast Ep. 359: A Christian School Expelled a Girl with a Same-Sex Crush January 30, 2021

Podcast Ep. 359: A Christian School Expelled a Girl with a Same-Sex Crush

In our latest podcast, Jessica and I discussed the past week in politics and atheism.

We talked about:

— Order Elle the Humanist and get a 10% discount with the promo code “friendlyatheist”!

— A Christian school kicked out a child who told another girl she had a crush on her. (4:00)

— Is Joe Biden an anti-Catholic Catholic? (9:28)

— If half of Protestant pastors hear conspiracies in church, what does it say about them? (18:00)

— The mayor of a California city took part in a Christian COVID super-spreader event. (25:48)

— Christian liar Sarah Huckabee Sanders is running for governor of Arkansas. (28:21)

— An Australian bigot, who happens to be a tennis star, is receiving an honor, and people are furious. (36:49)

— What is Kellyanne Conway doing to her daughter? (44:58)

— Poland’s near-total abortion ban is now in effect. (53:08)

— Joe Biden has reversed anti-abortion orders signed by Donald Trump. (55:59)

— 14 states have already proposed laws targeting LGBTQ people. (1:07:28)

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