Australian Satanists Want to Offer Religious Instruction in Public Schools January 30, 2021

Australian Satanists Want to Offer Religious Instruction in Public Schools

Public schools in Queensland, Australia offer one hour of religious education each week from an approved religious instructor. It’s not required — students who don’t participate can work on other materials — but it’s a part of the curriculum.

Now members of the Noosa Temple of Satan want to play ball.

Led by Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon, the church says that two parents have formally requested their kids be educated in Satanism.

… One family is from Wilston State School and the another is from Centenary State High — both Brisbane-based schools.

They have written to their respective principals to inform them that their children are to receive instruction from the Noosa Temple of Satan during school time.

Under Queensland law, our spiritual leader Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon will be able to enter these schools to provide one-hour scripture classes — just as Christian missionaries do! And the principals will not be able to refuse Brother Samael entry to school facilities.

The Satanic lessons will occur during classroom and non-Satanic kids will have to leave the room and stop normal lessons while Satanism is taught.

Brother Samael is super excited about the opportunity to spread the tenets of Satanism to new generations of Queenslanders.

That’s not entirely accurate. There are still hurdles the group needs to overcome, like getting approval from the Minister of Education. But that’s a fight the Satanists want. (Why should their beliefs be rejected while other ones get a green light?)

The idea that it might happen, however, led Cloe Read of the Courier-Mail to write an article (which isn’t online) with the headline “Schools Going to Hell if Satanists Win Rights.” It quotes Education Minister Grace Grace saying the push is “nothing but a stunt.”

“Satanism has never been taught in Queensland schools and it never will be on my watch,” she said.

The Noosa Temple of Satan said they would now be making a formal complaint to the Queensland Human Rights Commission under the Anti-Discrimination Act in the next week.

The Satanists are using her opposition to highlight the lack of equality:

Lawyer and Noosa Temple of Satan spokesperson Trevor Bell told [radio host] Bill McDonald Ms Grace’s decision would be challenged to “bring attention to the existing law”.

“Grace Grace is incorrect to say Satanism will not take place because she can’t discriminate,” he said. “She can’t just decide all these other religions are entitled to come into the school but not Satanism because it is a genuine religion.”

In the meantime, the Satanists are encouraging other local families to send a message to their kids’ principals calling for Satanic instruction. The irony is that a lot of people might actually get on board with it once they realize the church promotes goodness and equality and doesn’t actually believe in a literal Satan.

(Thanks to @alexburuma for the link)

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